The Double Cleanse - Why You Need To Do This Every Day

The Double Cleanse - Why You Need To Do This Every Day

At least once a day, (usually at night), you should be doing a double cleanse to help remove excess buildup of the day’s impurities like, sebum (oil), sunscreen, make-up, environmental pollutants; basically, all the residual products that build up on your skin throughout the day. 

I love cleansing oils for this first cleanse. Since oil attracts oil, this process will help start to dissolve that first layer of the daily grime. 

If you have oily skin - don’t panic! This will NOT make your skin “greasy”. Oil attracts oil, and this first cleanse will work to break up the day’s residual “gunk” on your skin, and bring it to the surface. 

The magic is in part two: the second cleanse.  I can’t stress enough how important clean skin is for you to achieve your skin goals.  This second cleanser is going to be the one that is targeted towards your unique skin condition. 

If you are oily, maybe you use a clay cleanser. Dry skin, you might use a cream based cleanser, with some mild AHA to help slough of dead skin cells. Sensitive skin, you’ll need a very gentle, surfactant free, cleanser that acts like a cream cleanse, but also helps soothe your skin at the same time. Normal skin, you usually like a gel based cleanser that foams up like soap. 

This double cleanse routine ensures your pores are clean, and your serums, and cream will now be able to penetrate deeper into clean skin, allowing them to work smarter - not harder, to do their job. 

I recommend doing this double cleanse routine only at night, unless you have very oily, congested skin. Typically, in the morning, your skin should be somewhat clean (bc we always remember to wash our face at night, right??)  and a simple, gentle 1 x cleanse of your regular cleanser will do the trick! 

If you want more info on the right cleanser for you, just ask me for a free virtual skin consultation, and we can help you choose the right one!